Asset Management

Asset Management

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Tokai National Partner’s Asset Management unit provides retail and institutional investment solutions for high net worth individuals, family offices, insurance companies, pension funds as well as non-profit and governmental organizations. The Asset Management unit is also responsible for the management of Tokai National Partner’s mutual investment funds.

Tokai National Partner’s knowledge and experience results in us being one of the leading identifiers and exploiters of market inefficiencies. Through our buy side research and active management of portfolios, we aim to consistently outperform the market and our industry competitors.

Fixed Income
Tokai National partners have an active approach and global outlook when it comes to the fixed income markets, focusing on value. We identify those securities that are undervalued and that possess attractive yields.

Asset Allocation
We provide advice and assistance to our clients in deciding on the most optimal strategic asset allocation for their portfolios. This process includes a comprehensive analysis of their liabilities, scenario projections, and stress testing.