TNP Careers

TNP Careers

by wbb

Human Resources Strategy

  • The talent of our employees is our biggest asset. Our people are the engine that drives our success. They stand out and represent the levels of excellence that Tokai National Partners stands for.
  • Knowing that our employees are our biggest resource also means knowing our employees are human, and that their needs require flexibility. An open, transparent environment is key to overcoming all of the challenges we face.
  • A positive, open, inspiring and challenging working environment is key to our employees achieving their goals and by extension, ours. We actively deploy initiatives to foster a workplace that enables greater levels of achievement.

Our Principles

  • Our culture is one centered on our employees and helping them to perform. Our success is reliant on the long-term relationships that we have developed with all of our stakeholders.
  • We prepare for the needs and evolution of the world’s economies and financial markets, enabling us to provide superior client services on a daily basis and improving overall client satisfaction.
  • Tokai National Partners embraces the principles of socially responsible investing, respecting and advancing ecological awareness within and without the industry while encouraging charity and solidarity.

Career Development

  • At Tokai National Partners, we believe in promoting performers and rewarding those that deliver superior contributions.
  • We continually challenge all of our employees to improve their performance, to progress up through our ranks and meet their full potential.
  • We always seek to fill available positions from within our own ranks first, before seeking any external recruitment opportunities.


  • Education is key to personal growth and we provide for the self-improvement of our employees throughout our business
  • We provide extensive internal learning opportunities, as well as assisting those who seek external education opportunities
  • We work with industry-leading technologies and support services to help our staff to deliver exceptional levels of client satisfaction and in the achievement of personal and unit goals.

Human Capital
Tokai National Partners typically seeks out people for recruitment that are in their second job at least, rarely recruiting from straight out of third level education. We operate a non-discriminatory recruitment policy and will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of their race, sex, age, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, country of origin, citizenship or any other characteristic that is protected by law.