Fixed Income

Fixed Income

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Tokai National Partners has an active approach and global outlook when it comes to the fixed income markets, focusing on value. We identify those securities that are undervalued and that possess attractive yields.

Tokai National Partners approach to fixed income securities combines elements of top-down and bottom-up methodologies. We analyze macroeconomic factors and evaluate yield curves, credit risks, interest rates and allocations by national economies. In addition to that, we examine and select individual bonds based on our research and analysis of fundamentals in comparison to our value analysis processes. This provides Tokai National Partners with the ability to be flexible when opportunities arise in the marketplace.Our expertise in fixed income securities is

Our expertise in fixed income securities is centered on government bond issues (at national, regional and occasionally at municipal levels), investment grade corporate bonds, emerging market issues, high yield corporate bonds and money market instruments.

Government Bonds
Tokai National Partners approach to government bonds is built upon the principles of active management and comprehensive analysis. We believe that this, within a well-defined risk framework, delivers consistently high-performance levels over the mid to long-term. In government bond markets we favor relative value and our analysis of macroeconomic variables is central to our decision-making process.

Investment Grade Bonds
Tokai National Partners explores a value and fundamentals approach to our investments into the investment grade corporate bond markets. Our goal is to identify those issues with positive fundamentals while avoiding risks associated with negative rating migration and defaults.

Our portfolios are managed with a comprehensive understanding of the issuers, their respective industries, their host economies and of the issue itself. In addition to this, our macroeconomic credit market analysis positions us proactively react to developing trends. Our portfolios are actively managed, with changes in credit and interest rate risks closely monitored.

High Yield Bonds
Tokai National Partners approach to high yield bond investing is based on a top-down macroeconomic analysis merged with a bottom-up fundamentals research. We seek out those issuers that are on an upward curve, whose fundamentals have improved and possess a sustainable means to service their debt through economic and market cycles. Value is to the fore during the final decision-making process, typically featuring companies that have not had their improving fundamentals yet recognized by the rating agencies.

Tokai National Partners takes a longer term view to high yield bond investing, with generally much less trading activity than with our investment grade investments.

Money Markets
Tokai National Partners money market solutions are designed to preserve capital and provide improved short-term yields while maintaining liquidity. As a result of the extensive experience of money markets, we have access to high quality and well-diversified instruments within this asset class.