Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible Investing

by wbb

There are an increasing amount of long-term challenges that society must face, and Tokai National Partners are not immune to that. Climate change, aging populaces, and demand for greater accountability and transparency are amongst these. You cannot properly evaluate the long-term prospects of companies without considering the interests of all of its stakeholders, which along with its owners, partners, employees and direct customers, also includes society as a whole.

The integration of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) factors and how these stakeholders react to them, into our investment processes adds value to them. By bringing these factors into the analysis process, alongside our macroeconomic and fundamental analysis, our evaluation of the investment opportunities and their associated risks is more complete and of a higher quality. This enables us to produce more refined strategies and tactical management maneuvers.

Tokai National Partners is committing to SRI principles goes beyond simply offering investment solutions that comply with superficial requirements, it is a company-wide commitment to a global movement towards taking more responsibility for our actions and doing so in a more transparent manner.

With primary elements incorporated into our principal strategies, and as separate more focused entities, SRI strategies are developed and managed to meet the needs of our investment philosophy, our society, and of those clients with more acute SRI requirements for inclusion in their portfolios.