Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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By visiting, accessing or in any other way using this website, you agree to comply with being bound by the following terms and conditions of use and legal notices (herein the “Legal Notice”).

This Legal Notice only applies to the Tokai National Partners website, its content, associated imagery files and information, (herein “the Site”). Any websites linked to from the Site will have its own terms and conditions of use and we invite you to familiarize yourself with those if you should visit them.

This Legal Notice may be amended by Tokai National Partners at any time and without prior notice, so you should review them periodically.


Access to the Site
Use of the Site is not permitted by any person or persons that reside or are domiciled in any jurisdiction where the access or use of the Site would be contrary to any regulations or laws that may be applicable therein. If you reside or are domiciled in any such jurisdiction, you are not permitted to use the Site in any way, must not proceed any further and are required to cease use of the Site immediately.


The content and opinions made available through the Site do not in any way constitute an offer, or any component of an offer, of any financial, investment, tax or legal solutions, such as advice or management services.

All content available on the Site is provided “as is” and for informational purposes only. It shall not in any way be considered an investment recommendation or any investment advice. Neither the Site, nor any of the content contained within, shall be considered an offer, solicitation or invitation to buy, sell or otherwise participate in any stocks, securities, shares, or any other financial instruments.

Under no circumstances is any content of the Site to be considered of a tax or legal nature. No account is made of the content or opinions of the Site of the objectives, financial, legal or other expertise of the viewer. Users of the site and its associated content should seek out proper, qualified and independent advice before making any legal, tax or financial decisions.

No warranty or guarantee, express or implied, is made with regard to any future performance. Past performance should not be used as a guide or guarantee of any future performance. Any opinions expressed about performance reflect a judgment made at the specific moment in time it was published and are subject to change at any moment and without any prior notice.


Information Accuracy
Tokai National Partners shall use all reasonable efforts to ensure that any information or content contained within the Site is accurate, relevant and up to date/ However, Tokai National Partners provides no guarantees that said information or content contained within the Site is accurate, timely, adequate or in any other way fit for purpose. Neither Tokai National Partners, any partner, affiliate or employee shall be held responsible for any liability derived solely from the use of the Site or any information or content contained within, including but not limited to any translations thereof.

Tokai National Partners provides no guarantees or warrants that the content available through the Site has not been altered due to any technical failures, virus, malicious third party intent or any other reason. Tokai National Partners retains the right to update, amend or delete, without any prior notice or consultation, the content available through the website at any time, including but not limited to this Legal Notice and any other disclaimers. You are invited to review this Legal Notice regularly. The continued use of the Site is governed by the most recent version of this Legal Notice only.


Intellectual Property
The entire content of the Site, including (but not limited to) all texts, documents, images, logos, charts, icons, and insights remain the sole property of Tokai National Partners unless otherwise stated. The Site and all of its content are protected by intellectual property rights and all other applicable rights and laws. It is forbidden to copy, duplicate, disseminate, translate, download, forward (through any means, physical or electronic), modify, link to or use all or part of this website for any commercial, public or any other purpose without obtaining the prior written express consent from Tokai National Partners. It is understood that users may have the right to use elements of the Site for their own personal, non-public and non-commercial purposes, provided that all relevant trademark and copyright notices are included unmodified and that the content itself is not modified.


The Site may, for technical and usability reasons make use of cookies. A cookie is a small data file stored on your device. It is used to record your site preferences so as to increase your usability of the Site and also to record how you use the Site. The use of cookies can be turned off by consulting with the documentation of your browser, however, it should be noted that your overall experience of the Site may be impeded as a result.