Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning

Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning

by wbb

The most efficient way to pass on intergenerational wealth, and providing for the causes that are close to you, will depend on a great many different circumstances.

Tokai National Partner’s Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning team possess extensive knowledge and experience in terms of examining the circumstances within a holistic approach. Our services include:

  • Will preparation
  • Family, education and charitable trust establishment 7 administration
  • Drafting, amending and adapting of nuptial agreements
  • Establishing joint ownership vehicles
  • Life assurance and insurance products
  • Private deeds

Wealth transfer and estate planning are not just the concern of the head of the family and the management and inheritance of their wealth. Family members and other beneficiaries are often faced with a great many challenges that can benefit significantly from speaking with an external party that can provide the necessary specialized expert advice.

Our Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning team have experience in such circumstances and are qualified to provide expert advice on them. Our professionals can act as an advisor to a single party in a dispute, or as an independent mediator between parties that all parties can rely upon for their independence and equanimity.